About us

Preformahealth is the new brand of Preformatex.

Preformatex is a company located in Les Franqueses del Vallès (Barcelona), Spain. With more than 19 years of experience in the textile sector in the manufacture of padding cups for lingerie, bath and sport. We have adapted our production process and our know-how to the production of reusable hygienic masks in order to help our society in the fight against Covid-19. That is why we decided to dedicate 2 production lines out of the 6 available to this venture, leaving the remaining ones to the development of our main task.

With a large technical team of our own, since February we have conducted design, research and tests on the best textile garments to finally homologate the THREE-LAYER masks detailed below:

  • Seamless facemasks for children or adultsPh-M2R model
  • Professional facemasks for adults –Ph-M1R model
    • With rubber bands on the ears (regular use)
    • With rubber bands on the neck and head (recommended for working environments).
  • Comfort facemasks  for everybody PH6X model

These 3 mask models comply with the UNE0065 Spanish Specification the European Standard CWA 17553_2020  and also have the Oekotex 100 certificate for skin contact issued by Aitex. All certificates can be downloaded from the following area.

Company approved and highly trusted in the world-wide sector of Swimwear, Lingerie and Sport Textile. We develop the entire production process with our own means and in our facilities, always avoiding as far as possible the outsourcing of its production.

With a policy of sustainable production and respect for the environment, we dedicate all our efforts to new production systems and selection of raw materials that provide added value to the improvement of our planet. We continue working to improve, to learn and to be able to provide products to society and our customers that generate comfort and well-being. Help us to CHANGE THE WORLD to achieve a sustainable environment.