Our facemasks models have been tested in accredited laboratories according to the UNE 14683:2019+AC Standard in order to comply with the UNE0065 Specification and thus be certified as Reusable Hygienic Masks. The UNE0065 Specification requires that the masks must continue to be effective after at least 5 washes. Our masks reach up to 59. In this way their cost per use is reduced to 0.16 €.

We not only meet the minimum specifications of Bacterial Filtration and Breathability but also our mask eliminates Coronavirus type viruses (Sars-2, Covid-19) after contact with it thanks to the Viroblock treatment. This treatment offers extra protection to the mask wearer, as well as greater security and peace of mind against contagion.

All our masks are also certified by Aitex with the Oekotex 100 Certificate. This certificate guarantees that the mask is safe for contact with the skin.

Finally, all our masks have also received a Water-repellent treatment: this treatment repels liquid particles that come into contact with the mask.

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